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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis
Bill Lewis
Index: 25.8
Residence: Valley Village, CA
Member Since: October 2003
Industry Affiliation: Actor
Notes: A former NYPD Cop, Bill's commercial work has included being the spokesperson for Comet Cleanser for 14 years. He has done spots for Maxwell House Coffee, Burger King, and American Airlines to name just a few. A spot for Vytoryn is currently on the air. He also has a great love for theater and while working in Florida won two Carbonella Awards for Best Actor for Gypsy and Hello Dolly.
* 2019 - 2020 Season Statistics *
Week 39Feb 27thWestlakePorter 7855--1stT-2nd--
Week 31Jan 2ndWestlakePorter 8663---1st--
Week 29Dec 19thWoodleyPorter 9367------
Week 27Dec 5thSimi HillsPorter 9972------
Week 25Nov 21stBalboaPorter 10277---2nd--
Week 24Nov 14thLos RoblesPorter 9669---1st--
Week 23Nov 7thEncinoPorter 9167--T-1st2nd--
Week 22Oct 31stWestlakePorter 9068---1st--
Week 20Oct 17thHansen DamPorter 9470--T-1st1st--
Week 19Oct 10thBalboaPorter 9874-----1
Week 17Sep 26thWoodleyPorter 825729-1st1st--
Week 16Sep 19thSimi HillsPorter 8962--T-1st2nd--
Week 15Sep 12thLos RoblesPorter 9971--3rd---
Week 14Sep 5thEncinoPorter 9772---1st--
Week 9Aug 1stSimi HillsPorter 10174------
Week 8Jul 25thWestlakePorter 9167------
Week 6Jul 11thOlivas LinksPorter 9871--T-3rd1st--
Week 4Jun 27thLos RoblesPorter 9871------
Week 3Jun 20thSimi HillsPorter 9568---2nd--
Week 2Jun 13thBalboaPorter 9772------

Note: 2019 - 2020 Season starts June 6th, 2019 and ends May 31st, 2020.
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