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Bob Scheerer
Bob Scheerer
Index: N/I
Residence: No. Hollywood, CA
Member Since: June 1996
Industry Affiliation: Director

Bob Scheerer sadly passed away on March 3rd, 2018

Mr. Scheerer was a retired Film Director, Producer, and Actor. He performed in 12 movies for Universal beginning at age 13. He was a dancer in "Jivin' Jack & Jills" On Broadway, he performed in "Lend an Ear", "Top Banana", "Boy Friend" among others.

As Director, he earned an Emmy for "The Danny Kaye Show" and also Directed "A Happening in Central Park" starring Barbara Streisand. His features include "Adam at 6 AM" with Michael Douglas, Disney's "World's Greatest Athlete". And TV Directing duties included "Fame", "Matlock", and "Star Trek". He also Produced for Sinatra/Ella/Jobim.

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