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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Bruce A. Simon    (Committee Member)
Bruce A. Simon
Bruce A. Simon
Index: 20.8
Residence: Agoura Hills, CA
Member Since: February 1987
Industry Affiliation: First A.D. / UPM - Studio Driver
Notes: Mr. Simon was inspired to a career in the Entertainment Industry by his teenage experience as a dancer on "American Bandstand". He studied Film and Television Production at Valley College and California State University, Northridge. Some of his early credits include acting parts in "Raid On Entebbe", "Nowhere to Hide", "Brothers", and "Rocky", and a variety of Voice-Overs.

He became a member of the Directors Guild of America and moved on to work as a UPM and Assistant Director on many productions including: "Vega$", "Hunter", "Mike Hammer", "Star Trek, TNG", "Walker Texas Ranger", and several other Features and MOW's including, "Switched at Birth", "Columbo", and "The Tuskegee Airmen" for which he shared a DGA Award nomination. His Directing assignments include several commercials and PSA's.

Mr. Simon serves the DPTGG as a Committee Member and is responsible for publication of our Monthly Newsletter as well as development and maintenance of this web site!

In 2009, Bruce was honored with the Don Porter "Player of the Year" Award.

* 2019 - 2020 Season Statistics *
Week 42Mar 19thBuenaventuraPorter 8868312nd1st-T-2nd-
Week 39Feb 27thWestlakePorter 927435-----
Week 38Feb 20thOlivas LinksPorter 967538--2nd--
Week 36Feb 6thSimi HillsPorter 1048433-----
Week 34Jan 23rdElkins RanchPorter 1048436-----
Week 33Jan 16thLos RoblesPorter 10585382nd----
Week 31Jan 2ndWestlakePorter 836636--3rd--
Week 28Dec 12thVictoria LakesPorter 947434--2nd--
Week 27Dec 5thSimi HillsPorter 8666331st1st1stT-1st-
Week 24Nov 14thLos RoblesPorter 8766372nd1st1st--
Week 23Nov 7thEncinoPorter 886837----1
Week 22Oct 31stWestlakePorter 8062372nd---1/4
Week 21Oct 24thOlivas LinksPorter 987740T-1st2nd1st--
Week 17Sep 26thWoodleyPorter 977737-----
Week 15Sep 12thLos RoblesPorter 1007932-----
Week 13Aug 29thElkins RanchPorter 957438-T-3rd3rd--
Week 12Aug 22ndLos RoblesPorter 1088738-----
Week 11Aug 15thOlivas LinksPorter 977535-----
Week 10Aug 8thVictoria LakesPorter 977638--2nd-1
Week 8Jul 25thWestlakePorter 806236--2nd-1/3
Week 7Jul 18thBuenaventuraPorter 8362342nd1st2nd-1/3
Week 6Jul 11thOlivas LinksPorter 9269362nd1st3rd--
Week 4Jun 27thLos RoblesPorter 886632-T-1st---
Week 3Jun 20thSimi HillsPorter 906732-T-2nd1st--
Week 1Jun 6thElkins RanchPorter 1027937--T-3rd--

Note: 2019 - 2020 Season starts June 6th, 2019 and ends May 31st, 2020.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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