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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Mike Belson    (Committee Member)
Mike Belson
Mike Belson
Index: 35.4
Residence: Studio City, CA
Member Since: January 1993
Industry Affiliation: Underused actor. was agent/casting director
Notes: Mr. Belson spent 30 years as a Theatrical Agent representing many top stars. He says, "I became fabulously famous and wealthy, and retired in 1994 to devote my life to golf". He has worked hard to match his handicap to his Porter number rising it up from 14 to the 18-20 range.

Now he is working on his acting career (Starring in "Wag the Dog") to suppliment his Professional Golf Job at the Sepulveda Golf Course(s).

* 2020 - 2021 Season Statistics *
Week 39Mar 4thWestlakePorter 9363------
Week 36Feb 11thOlivas LinksPorter 10672------
Week 33Jan 21stVictoria LakesPorter 12591------
Week 31Jan 7thWestlakePorter 9666------
Week 31Dec 31stLos RoblesPorter 11681------
Week 30Dec 24thWestlakePorter 9666------
Week 29Dec 17thBuenaventuraPorter 12390------
Week 23Nov 5thVictoria LakesPorter 10571---1st--
Week 22Oct 29thWestlakePorter 1067735-----
Week 20Oct 15thBuenaventuraPorter 10473------
Week 19Oct 8thEncinoPorter 10272---T-2nd--
Week 18Oct 1stSimi HillsPorter 10168--3rd2nd--
Week 15Sep 10thWoodleyPorter 9158--1st1st--
Week 13Aug 27thWestlakePorter 10373---T-3rd--
Week 12Aug 20thCamarilloPorter 11782------
Week 11Aug 13thVictoria LakesPorter 10672------
Week 10Aug 6thHansen DamPorter 10371--2nd2nd--
Week 9Jul 30thSimi HillsPorter 9762--2nd---
Week 8Jul 23rdBuenaventuraPorter 11683------
Week 7Jul 16thEncinoPorter 1016932---T-2nd-
Week 6Jul 9thWestlakePorter 9059--T-1st1st--
Week 5Jul 2ndOlivas LinksPorter 11580------
Week 3Jun 18thWestlakePorter 915935-1stT-1st--

Note: 2020 - 2021 Season starts June 4th, 2020 and ends May 31st, 2021.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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