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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Mike Gannon
Mike Gannon
Mike Gannon
Index: 15.0
Residence: Carpinteria, CA
Member Since: June 2011
Industry Affiliation: Propmaster, Local 44
Notes: See credits at IMDb
* 2017 - 2018 Season Statistics *
Week 41Mar 8thVictoria LakesPorter 8771371st----
Week 37Feb 8thSimi HillsPorter 968034--2nd--
Week 36Feb 1stBuenaventuraPorter 897440----1 1/2
Week 34Jan 18thVictoria LakesPorter 917635-----
Week 31Dec 28thEncinoPorter 927843-----
Week 25Nov 16thVineyardPorter 897537-----
Week 24Nov 9thSimi HillsPorter 867133--T-1st-1/2
Week 20Oct 12thSimi HillsPorter 978338-----
Week 18Sep 28thWestlakePorter 806835-----
Week 16Sep 14thEncinoPorter 877432----1/3
Week 14Aug 31stOlivas LinksPorter 867235T-2nd---1
Week 13Aug 24thSterling HillsPorter 8267321st2nd2nd-1
Week 12Aug 17thVictoria LakesPorter 7864311st1st1st--
Week 11Aug 10thSimi HillsPorter 927831-----
Week 8Jul 20thOlivas LinksPorter 897538-----
Week 7Jul 13thWestlakePorter 806935-----

Note: 2017 - 2018 Season starts and ends May 31st, 2018.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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