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Tom Kennedy
Tom Kennedy
Index: N/I
Residence: Channel Islands, CA
Member Since: September 1999
Industry Affiliation: Television Host

Sadly Tom Kennedy passed away on Wednesday October 7, 2020 at his home in Oxnard, CA.

Tom, born as James Edward Narz on February 26, 1927 was originally from Louisville, Kentucky and had entertained audiences for 38 years on radio and TV. 29 of those years had been spent, in his words "playing games for a living".

In passing, he joined brother Jack Narz, also a DPTGG member, and his loving wife Betty who died in 2011.

He was the host of numerous TV game shows over a long career, including the popular ‘Name That Tune’ along with ‘Split Second’ and ‘Break the Bank.’ His first TV game show hosting job was on ‘Dr. I.Q.’ in 1958. Tom also had minor acting roles appearing on TV series ‘That Girl’ and ‘Hardcastle and McCormick.’

He will be affectionately known for his phrase: "Today, I am a recovering Hollywood Hacker and Game Show Host" - With no disrespect to his membership in the DPTGG.
See his page on: Wikipedia

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