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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Gordon Crook    (Committee Member)
Gordon Crook
Gordon Crook
Index: 8.2
Residence: Thousand Oaks, CA
Member Since: June 1976
Industry Affiliation: N.I.B.
Notes: Former Insurance Agent to the Stars! Now "Man of Leisure"
* 2021 - 2022 Season Statistics *
Week 41Mar 17thWestlakeSuper 7264------
Week 37Feb 17thWestlakeSuper 776937--3rd-1/4
Week 32Jan 13thLos RoblesSuper 8374272nd--1st-
Week 31Jan 6thWestlakeSuper 817435-----
Week 26Dec 2ndTierra RejadaSuper 928335-----
Week 19Oct 14thWestlakeSuper 665826T-1st2nd2nd1st1
Week 16Sep 23rdLos RoblesSuper 938438-----
Week 13Sep 2ndWestlakeSuper 746730T-2nd-1stT-1st-
Week 11Aug 19thBuenaventuraSuper 807237--T-1st-1/2
Week 9Aug 5thVineyardSuper 7970321st--T-1st1
Week 7Jul 22ndWestlakeSuper 7466302nd----
Week 6Jul 15thRustic CanyonSuper 8172-----1
Week 3Jun 24thLos RoblesSuper 887932-----
Week 1Jun 10thBuenaventuraSuper 958735-----
Week 52Jun 3rdWestlakeSuper 675929T-2nd--T-2nd1/2

Note: 2021 - 2022 Season starts June 10th, 2021 and ends May 31st, 2022.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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