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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Ron Troncatty    (Active Member)
Ron Troncatty
Ron Troncatty
Index: 6.9
Residence: Agoura Hills, CA
Member Since: June 1978
Industry Affiliation: Actor
Notes: Ron started his career in 1969 attending Pasadena Playhouse. He continued his studies at the Film Actors Workshop located on the Warner Bros backlot and soon broke into TV in the early 70's with a part on Rod Serlings "Night Gallery" and it wasn't long that a slue of parts followed. Some of his most memorable roles were in "Moonlighting" and "The New Mike Hammer". He has also developed several projects for Television through the years as well as Screeplays for the big screen. His career is far from over and he has two projects in the works as I write this. One of his proudest achievements was his involvement with the MET Theatre in Hollywood when the Theatre was directed by James Gammon and Tim Scott. There he did several plays as an actor most notably Val in "Orpheus Descending" opposite the forever beautiful Kiva Lawrence. He also directed "Lampost Reunion" at the MET which was critically acclaimed.

You may view his credits at IMDb.
* 2021 - 2022 Season Statistics *
Week 50May 19thVictoria LakesSuper 8880342nd----
Week 49May 12thWestlakeSuper 6962321st----
Week 48May 5thLos RoblesSuper 857737--1st-1
Week 47Apr 28thSimi HillsSuper 7770332nd-T-3rd-1
Week 46Apr 21stWestlakeSuper 686131T-2nd---1/3
Week 45Apr 14thOlivas LinksSuper 8072342nd---1
Week 44Apr 7thBuenaventuraSuper 827531---T-2nd1
Week 43Mar 31stSimi HillsSuper 8072292nd--T-1st-
Week 42Mar 24thOlivas LinksSuper 8173362nd----
Week 41Mar 17thWestlakeSuper 6963322nd----
Week 40Mar 10thBuenaventuraSuper 8275321st--1st-
Week 39Mar 3rdSoule ParkSuper 8073311st-2nd2nd1
Week 38Feb 24thSimi HillsSuper 797332T-1st---1 1/2
Week 37Feb 17thWestlakeSuper 7570342nd---1
Week 35Feb 3rdBuenaventuraSuper 7771341st-1st--
Week 34Jan 27thOlivas LinksSuper 827628--T-1st1st1/2
Week 33Jan 20thSimi HillsSuper 7872312nd---1 1/2
Week 32Jan 13thLos RoblesSuper 868039-----
Week 31Jan 6thWestlakeSuper 7570352nd---1/3
Week 26Dec 2ndTierra RejadaSuper 857839--T-1st--
Week 24Nov 18thVictoria LakesSuper 827635-----
Week 23Nov 11thSoule ParkSuper 8276352nd---1
Week 22Nov 4thSimi HillsSuper 797329T-1st--1st1
Week 21Oct 28thBuenaventuraSuper 7267271stT-2nd-2nd2 1/2
Week 20Oct 21stOlivas LinksSuper 8579342nd----
Week 19Oct 14thWestlakeSuper 696532-----
Week 18Oct 7thSimi HillsSuper 7974342nd----
Week 17Sep 30thVineyardSuper 817634----1/3
Week 16Sep 23rdLos RoblesSuper 7671342nd2nd3rd--
Week 15Sep 16thOlivas LinksSuper 7873321st-3rd--
Week 13Sep 2ndWestlakeSuper 7066301st--T-1st1
Week 12Aug 26thOlivas LinksSuper 7570321st--T-1st3
Week 11Aug 19thBuenaventuraSuper 7267291st1stT-1st1st1/2
Week 10Aug 12thLos RoblesSuper 7974322nd---2/3
Week 9Aug 5thVineyardSuper 8782402nd----
Week 5Jul 8thSoule ParkSuper 8176341st---4
Week 4Jul 1stVictoria LakesSuper 8580342nd---1/2
Week 3Jun 24thLos RoblesSuper 837835T-1st---1
Week 2Jun 17thSimi HillsSuper 8075302nd-2nd2nd-
Week 1Jun 10thBuenaventuraSuper 8176342nd----
Week 52Jun 3rdWestlakeSuper 6560291st--T-2nd1/2

Note: 2021 - 2022 Season starts June 10th, 2021 and ends May 31st, 2022.
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