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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Tom Abraham    (Active Member)
Tom Abraham
Tom Abraham
Index: 21.0
Residence: Studio City, CA
Member Since: April 2021
Industry Affiliation: N.I.B.
Notes: Tom Abraham, sponsored by Tom Knickerbocker and Bob Stone joins the ranks of the DPTGG with an initial index of 19.2

Tom shocked the membership early in his career with the group by joining the Hole-in-one club withing just a few weeks of becoming a member!
* 2022 - 2023 Season Statistics *
Week 15Sep 8thBuenaventuraPorter 927134--2nd--
Week 13Aug 25thOlivas LinksPorter 1027936-----
Week 10Aug 4thSimi HillsPorter 1007832-----
Week 8Jul 21stOlivas LinksPorter 1007734-----
Week 5Jun 30thSimi HillsPorter 957336-----
Week 4Jun 23rdWestlakePorter 775935-3rd--1/2
Week 3Jun 16thOlivas LinksPorter 1038136----1/2

Note: 2022 - 2023 Season starts June 2nd, 2022 and ends May 31st, 2023.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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