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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Rocco Buffolino
Rocco Buffolino
Rocco Buffolino
Index: N/I
Residence: Burbank, CA
Member Since: November 2001
Industry Affiliation: Property / Set Dresser
Notes: Mr. Buffolino says: "I love the comradery of golf. It reminds me of my days playing Pro Baseball. The fellowship, the ribbing, the friends, old and new. Also the way we compete against each other and the golf course.

The competitive nature is great. The best part about the golf is the fun I have, whether shooting well or badly."

* 2018 - 2019 Season Statistics *
Week 29Dec 20thBuenaventuraSuper 838330---1st1

Note: 2018 - 2019 Season starts and ends May 31st, 2019.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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