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June 2019


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Simi Hills
Victoria Lakes
Foul Weather - Tournament Cancelled

SIMI HILLS G.C. - 05/02/2019 An encouraging 20 player field turned out this day hopefully signifying a welcome
Gordon Crook
Mr. Crook
warm-up for our upcoming Annual Shug Tournament on June 27. Topping this day's list of the lucky 13 money winners was Gordon Crook with $65 garnered from TWO birdie payouts and a tie for 2nd in Low Putts. Tom Bower and Roger Pelote each acquired a solo birdie award worth $31 apiece. Tom Knickerbocker's 1st Places in both the Porter Low Gross and Low Putts categories produced $30. The Low Net prize was taken by Bruce Simon and along with his tie for Partners 2nd added up to $22. Sunny Weiss posted a 1st Place in Partners and tied for 2nd Low Net to amass a $14 total. Our newest member, Miguel Romero, pocketed $12 from a pair of 2nd placings in Porter Gross & Low Net. Jim Jacobs matched that $12 figure with a Partners 1st place and a tie for 2nd Low Putts. The Super Low Gross award went to Brian Oblak who added a 2nd place tie in Partners for an even Ten Bucks. Val Mayer and Marilou Miller joined the tie for Partners 2nd place worth $4 apiece. John Moskoff picked up $3 by joining the 3-way tie for 2nd in Low Putts, while Ron Troncatty's only marker was the runner-up spot in Super Low Gross worth a modest $2. VICTORIA LAKES G.C. - 05/09/2019: Today's tally sheet displayed a terrific round of 74 posted by Brian Oblak that earned top dollar of $35 from the limited entry field of just 12 competitors. Brian won the Super Low Gross award by a whopping 12 shots, tied for 2nd in both Low Net & Partners along with a healthy share of the birdie loot. Jimmy Dodds extracted an even Twenty Bucks from the wager pots with yet another win in Low Net, a tie for Low Putts, and a tie for Partners runner-up. The Porter Low Gross award was taken by Tom Knickerbocker along with a tie for Low Putts and the remainder of the birdie pot for a grand total of $19. Mike Belson once again showed up in the Low Net listings as tied for 2nd plus a 1st place in Partners that added up to a $9 payout. Ted Winship's pair of 2nd Place ties in Net & Partners were worth $7 while Marilou Miller picked up $5 by joining The Belson in Partners 1st place. Yet another of those Partners 2nd place ties paid out $3 to Val Mayer and a couple of Bucks apiece were dribbled out to Ron Troncatty for Super Gross runner-up and to Bruce Simon for the identical placing in Porter Gross. BUENAVENTURA G.C. - 05/16/2019 CANCELLED DUE TO INCLEMENT WEATHER. WOODLEY LAKES G.C. - 05/23/2019: Our tidy 4 Foursomes turn-out tenaciously tackled this Lakes track and produced some really terrific scoring. The 78 posted by Tom Knickerbocker claimed top dollar earnings of $61 accumulated from a solo blind-drawn birdie and 1st Places in Porter Low Gross, Low Putts, and Partners. Marilou Miller glomed on to a big Fifty Bucks after acquiring the entire "designated birdies" wager pot with her solo tweeter on the designated Hole #3 and adding a Partners 3rd place. The second blind drawn birdie paid out $22 to Ron Troncatty and was bumped to $24 by his 2nd place in Super Gross. The Low Round of the Day was a terrific one-over-par 73 fashioned by Brian Oblak that earned $18 from the Super Low Gross award along with his 2nd Low Putts & 3rd Low Net placings. An identical $18 also went to Mike Belson for his stunning Low Net posting of 61 and a Partners runner-up spot. "Cat" Ballou extracted $15 from his Partners 1st & Net 2nd placings. The Porter Gross runner-up spot paid out $6 to Craig Fehrman while a $4 sum saluted Ted Winship in Partners 2nd place and $2 found Jim Jacobs hanging in there for Partners 3rd place. ENCINO MUNI G.C. - 05/30/2019 A tenacious twelve-player turnout tangled with the tough Encino track on this final stanza of our 2018-2019 Season triggering a tally of the season-long Category Competitions that determines the various trophy awards to be distributed at our big Annual Shug Fisher Classic this coming June 27th. BE THERE!! Three-quarters of today's field finished "in the money" led by "Cat" Ballou's $56 take from winning the entire designated birdie pot with a solo tweeter on just one of them along with a tie for 2nd Low Net PLUS one of the blind-drawn birdies to boot! The remaining blind-drawn birdie sent $18 to Roger Pelote. Once again Mike Belson triumphed in the Low Net division plus a Partners 1st & tie for 2nd Low Putts that added up to a $17 payout. The Super Low Gross category was not competed this day thus highlighting Bob Stone's award for the Porter Low Gross plus his 2nd placings in Net, Partners, & Putts all adding up to just $15 on this modest entry-field day. The $10 for the day's Low Putts effort was appropriately accepted by Jim Jacobs, the former multiple-time winner of the Eddie Firestone Annual Putting Trophy. An $8 sum went to Val Mayer for Partners 1st place and 2nds on both Net & Putts, however Val's three magnificent birdies sadly went unplucked. Ted Winship pocketed $5 from his 2nds in Net & Partners and John Moskoff's Partners 3rd dribbled out Two Bucks.

Wanderlust bit Joe & Bunny Cala in mid May and they loaded their Prius for a three week trip through the midwest.
Joe Cala
Mr. Cala
The primary destination was a visit to the "Field of Dreams", the farm where the film of the same name was filmed outside of Davenport, Iowa. They picked the right time for the journey so they could encounter thunderstorms, tornadoes and floods which chased them every day but didn't quite catch up with them. They should be out of Texas by now -- For a shorter trip, Cat Ballou & Bill Lewis headed out to Indio to visit Jim Raymond at his desert rancho. You can bet golf will be played as well a few libations consumed. Itsu will have her hands full -- We have birthdays...Mark Kourtjian on the 14th and Sam Strangis on the 20th...Let's hope that the unusually long and wet rainy season is finally past and we can put together a string of well attended Thursdays.

Please be reminded that the deadline for submitting your entry in this year's Shug Fisher Classic is Thursday, June 13th. We request that you send in your Application and Payment in as soon as possible or bring both with you on a Thursday prior to 6/13!

The Annual Don Porter/Shug Fisher Classic has been celebrated in one form or another for the last 37 years. The tournament, aside from being one of the most enjoyed venues each year, also gives each of us the opportunity to truly appreciate the comradery and traditions we have built from the very beginning as well as to honor those among us who have excelled in the many categories that we compete in on a weekly basis following a fine banquet. The event also offers us a chance to remember those dear friends who are no longer with us as we conduct our annual toast to "Absent Friends". You won't want to miss it, plus ya might win a little somethang in the raffle!

See ya at "Da Shug"!


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