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November 2020


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Our 2020-2021 season continues as scheduled with minor adjustments to accomodate:
Course restrictions and Social Distancing protocols!
-- Pins and other common objects may not be touched --

Thursday, December 3rd at Simi Hills at 10:00 AM - Ventura County regulations: Masks must be worn when indoors or near others!
October Leaderboard
CourseSuper GrossPorter GrossNetPartnersPuttsBirdies
Simi Hills
Oblak1 1/2  
Knickerbocker1 1/3  
Olivas Links
SIMI HILLS G.C. - 10/01/2020: Four dedicated 4-Somes braved the searing heatwave to produce
Tony Giapapas
Mr. Giapapas
some "hot" scoring led by new Member Qualifier Tony Giapapas who posted a laudable 3-over-par 74 and picked up $20 for First Place in the Low Putts wager category. The Big Money winner was Craig Fehrman earning $52 from a shared birdie and 1st Places in Porter Low Gross, Low Net, and Partners! Second best score of the day was Brian Oblak's 76 that captured $48 from a solo tweeter, 1/2 share of another birdie, the Super Low Gross award, and a Partners 3rd Place. Paul Venetos pocketed $32 from a solo birdie draw and a tie for Low Putts runner-up. Miguel Romero's birdie booty added up to $28. Second Place in Low Net and a Partners 1st Place paid out $15 to Bruce Simon while 2nds in both Porter Gross and Partners sent $12 to Bob Stone. In the single digit dollar disbursements, $8 went to Mike Belson for his Partners 2nd and Low Net 3rd, then $4 apiece found Mark Vaughan and Jeff Sable tied for the Low Putts runner-up spot, $3 rewarded Marilou Miller for Partners 3rd and Two Bucks saluted Jim Sabbe as the Super Gross runner-up.
ENCINO MUNI G.C. - 10/08/2020 An encouraging 20-Player field marked our biggest turn-out so far in this difficult 2020-2021 Season. Jeff Sable posted a tidy 79 Gross, 64 Net to top the money list with $58 gleaned from his First Places in Porter Low Gross, Low Net, & Partners plus a half-share of birdie booty. And speaking of birdie loot, Craig Fehrman double-dipped for a $56 payout. Burman Deshautelle's sizzling 73 Gross led all scorers to collect $34 from the Super Low Gross award and a solo tweeter. The final birdie half-share had Tom Knickerbockers' name on it along with his 2nds in Porter Low Gross and Partners for a $27 take. The day's Low Putts at 28 pops and the Super Low Gross runner-up spot paid out $26 to Brian Oblak. Three players each extracted identical $11 sums from the wager pots, Paul Venetos tied for 2nds in both Partners & Putts, John Moskoff tied for 2nds in Net & Partners and Marilou Miller likewise tied for 2nds in Net & Partners. A pair of $8 payouts found Miguel Romero tied for 2nd Low Putts and Bill "Boom-Boom" Lewis paired with Mr. Sable in Partners 1st Place. Mike Belson and Jimmy Dodds joined that 3-way cluster tied for Partners 2nd Place worth a token Three Bucks apiece.
BUENAVENTURA G.C. - 10/15/2020 Our Thursday Golf Group continues to exhibit a resurgent vitality with another 5 Foursome turn-out. Tom Knickerbocker topped the money winners list at $76 after posting a solid 78 Gross that tallied 1st Places in both Porter Low Gross and Partners plus a tie for 2nd Low Net, a solo birdie payout, and 1/3 share of another tweeter. The Low Net winner was Bruce Simon with his own solo birdie that boosted his take to $48. Low Round of the Day was Burman Deshautelle's 4-Over-Par 74 that captured the Super Low Gross award by a single shot and earned $41 when added to his own solo birdie and a Partners 2nd Place. Brian Oblak posted the day's Low Putts total (29), took the Super Gross runner-up spot, and a 1/3 birdie share to pocket $34. Craig Fehrman turned a pair of ties for 2nds in Porter Gross and Low Net along with a Partners 3rd Place into a $16 take home. With the runner-up spots in both Putts and Partners Marilou Miller claimed $15. Mark Vaughan joined Mr. Fehrman in that tie for Porter Gross runner-up and then "The Knick" to win Partners for a $12 total. The final participant in that 3-way birdie split worth $10 each was Bob Stone. The wager pots were emptied with a closing $4 to Val Mayer in Partners 3rd Place leaving the remaining 8 competitors and 2 Member Qualifiers rewarded only with a pleasant day away from the scorching heat of the SF Valley.
OLIVAS LINKS G.C. - 10/22/2020: In an equitable distribution of the wager pot proceeds this week's winner's tally sheet displays 11 of the day's 14 competitors' names topped by John Moskoff's $41 accumulated from 1st Places in both Low Net and Low Putts, a 1/3 share of birdie booty and tie for Partners 2nd Place. Tom Knickerbocker follows with $38 amassed from the Porter Low Gross award, ties for 2nd in both Net and Putts, a Partners 1st Place, and likewise a piece of that 3-way shared birdie. Brian Oblak captured the Super Low Gross and added a solo birdie award to his resume for a $30 total. Another $30 sum found Bob Stone as the Porter Gross runner-up with his own solo tweeter. The third solo birdie paid out $24 to Paul Venetos while the third name on that share birdie was Craig Fehrman who added a tie for Low Putts to pocket $12. Ten Bucks found Jimmy Dodds' wallet recognizing his tie for 3rd Net and Partners 1st Place. Marilou Miller's pair of 2nd Place ties in both Net & Partners paid out $7 while Jeff Sable's and Bruce Simon's ties for Partners 2nd shelled out just $3 apiece and the runner-up spot in Super Gross sent a modest $2 to recently anointed new member, Tony Giapapas.
WESTLAKE G.C. - 10/29/2020: This sporty layout continues to be a popular venue with another 20 player turn-out that boosted the wager pot payouts. Bruce Simon's $55 topped that list after he marked "across the board" in every wager category, a solo birdie award, 2nds in Porter Low Gross, Partners & Low Putts and a Low Net 3rd Place. Tom Knickerbocker parlayed a trifecta of First Places in Porter Low Gross, Low Net, and Partners into a $45 take. The "designated" birdie Hole #17 produced an unusual 4-way split led by Marilou Miller's dynamic deuce plus her Partners 1st Place & Low Net 2nd that produced a $35 payout while the other 3 shareholders, Jimmy Dodds, Bill Lewis, and Miguel Romero each pocketed just a $16 share. The remaining solo birdie payout sent $30 to Tony Giapapas. With the winning Low Putts total of 28 and a Partners 3rd Place, John Moskoff realized $23. In the single digit dollar dole-outs Mark Vaughan got $9 from a tie for Porter Gross runner-up & Partners 2nd Place, Brian Oblak accepted $8 for the Super Low Gross award but was shut out elsewhere, Ron Troncatty got $4 as Super Gross runner-up, and Val Mayer earned $3 for a Partners 3rd Place finish.
A couple of weeks ago, Paul Ventura, our Pebble Beach artist checked out Jim Raymond on the
Jim Raymond
Mr. Raymond lives
Internet Movie Database (IMDb) and learned, to his surprise, that they were showing that Jim had passed away in 2007. To confirm his doubts, He called Jim's home in Indio and spoke to his "widow" Itsu, who confirmed that he was indeed alive and well and in fact on the golf course as they spoke. What a relief! The info was relayed to Bruce Simon who went into action and after two weeks of internet courtroom drama proved without a shadow of a doubt that this was a case of mistaken identity and his client James William Raymond of Indio, CA was indeed among the living and also succeeded in correcting some other data involving OUR Jim's vital statistics. You may review his resurrection HERE -- As we struggle through the 2020 COVID-19 era, we of course have no gigs to report, but Brian Oblak did appear in the first episode of this fall's This Is Us as they reused both of his first season appearances on the episode. He should surly benefit from an unanticipated residual check for the reuse of his performances. -- Things are slowly opening up for production, so maybe we'll have something for the "gig" department soon. -- We welcomed back Ron Troncatty at Westlake after a shorter than expected hiatus following shoulder surgery. -- Tom Bower checked in to fill us in on a most difficult summer for he and Ursula. Scheduled for a simple surgery to do some repairs on her hip, Ursula underwent an eight hour major surgery ordeal as the doctors had to completely rebuild her hip. with After four days in intensive care, she is now in rehab and will be home soon. Meanwhile, Tom who has long standing back problems, is in ablation treatments to clean out the stuff inhibiting his golf swing. We hope they both can be made whole and he will be back among us in short order. -- This month we sadly added another to our distinguished list of Absent Friends as popular game show host of the 60's through the 80's, Tom Kennedy passed away at the age of 93 at his home in Hollywood Beach, Oxnard, CA on Wednesday October 7th. Our deepest condolences to Tom's family We will provide further information regarding any memorial plans when they become available!
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