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Click photo for full view Player Profile - Ted Winship    (Committee Member)
Ted Winship
Ted Winship
Index: 31.5
Residence: Studio City, CA
Member Since: June 2000
Industry Affiliation: Stand-in / Actor
Notes: Edward Newell "Ted" Winship: 1992 - Joined SAG as "Mobile Prop". Wife forced me off the links.

Enjoyed success and have been a stand-in for individual actors and with "Style and Substance" (1 yr.) and "The Pretender" (2 Yrs).

Work commercials when called. Have done one commercial as principal. Am trying to work only as stand-in or commercials, background or Principal.

Golf highlights are hole-in-one, Lakeside, February 13, 1962 and 75 at Encino. Recent association with Don Porter Thursday Group is most enjoyable. Have recently joined Hansen Dam Men's Club for my local affiliation. You'd think I could do better after only 65 years trying to learn the game of golf.

* 2021 - 2022 Season Statistics *
Week 50May 19thVictoria LakesPorter 9665--1st1st--
Week 49May 12thWestlakePorter 9265------
Week 47Apr 28thSimi HillsPorter 10271------
Week 46Apr 21stWestlakePorter 8659--T-2nd1st--
Week 41Mar 17thWestlakePorter 9165---2nd--
Week 40Mar 10thBuenaventuraPorter 9667--3rd3rd--
Week 38Feb 24thSimi HillsPorter 10273------
Week 37Feb 17thWestlakePorter 10379------
Week 35Feb 3rdBuenaventuraPorter 9872---T-2nd--
Week 33Jan 20thSimi HillsPorter 10477------
Week 32Jan 13thLos RoblesPorter 9972---2nd--
Week 31Jan 6thWestlakePorter 8663---3rd--
Week 24Nov 18thVictoria LakesPorter 10579------
Week 23Nov 11thSoule ParkPorter 11689------
Week 22Nov 4thSimi HillsPorter 10275---3rd--
Week 21Oct 28thBuenaventuraPorter 10983------
Week 20Oct 21stOlivas LinksPorter 10175------
Week 19Oct 14thWestlakePorter 8865------
Week 16Sep 23rdLos RoblesPorter 10578------
Week 15Sep 16thOlivas LinksPorter 10478------
Week 14Sep 9thBuenaventuraPorter 10277------
Week 13Sep 2ndWestlakePorter 9168------
Week 11Aug 19thBuenaventuraPorter 9873---T-3rd--
Week 2Jun 17thSimi HillsPorter 9670---1st--
Week 1Jun 10thBuenaventuraPorter 9165--T-1st---
Week 52Jun 3rdWestlakePorter 8663------

Note: 2021 - 2022 Season starts June 10th, 2021 and ends May 31st, 2022.
* next to course indicates score is disabled for Index Calculations.

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