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November 2021


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Schedule continues with minor adjustments to accomodate:
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** 2021-2022 Season is underway**

Thursday, December 2nd at Tierra Rejada at 9:30 AM - Ventura County regulations: Masks required indoors!
October Leaderboard
CourseSuper GrossPorter GrossNetPartnersPuttsBirdies
Simi Hills
Oblak1 1/2
Olivas Links
Oblak1 1/2
Troncatty2 1/2
SIMI HILLS G.C. - 10/07/2021: This day's wager pots saluted some 13 winners in the field of 19
Craig Fehrman
Mr. Fehrman
with Craig Fehrman topping the list at $56 for his 1st Place in both Porter Low Gross & Low Putts along with a 2nd Low Net. The only solo birdie winner was Bill Lewis who added a pair of 3rd Places in Low Net & Partners for a $43 take. Pat Gallagher and Miguel Romero shared the entire Designated Birdie pot worth $34 apiece. Joey Pasterello grabbed First Place in both Low Net & Partners for a $24 payout. Mark Vaughan's $22 came from a birdie half-share along with a Partners runner-up. The Super Low Gross award honored Burman DeShautelle's super One-Over-Par round of 72 that earned $18 when added to his 2nd Places in Partners & Low Putts(tie). Member Qualifier, Kevin Boyce shared Mr. Vaughan's birdie for a $17 reward. Jim Sabbe pocketed an even Ten Bucks as the Porter Low Gross runner-up. Partners 1st Place sent $8 to Bob Stone, a tie for Low Putts runner-up paid $5 to Brian Oblak, while the Super Low Gross runner-up spot gave $4 to Ron Troncatty and $3 found Marilou Miller in Partners 3rd Place.
WESTLAKE VILLAGE G.C. - 10/14/2021: The established Par of 66 was left bruised & battered by a trio of competitors. Leader of the assault was Gordon Crook who made 6 Birdies and a few boo-boos on the way to posting an Even Par 66 that extracted $85 in wager winnings, winning Low Putts with a stingy 26, tying for the Super Low Gross award, and 2nd Places in both Low Net & Partners plus a solo Blind Birdie!! Brian Oblak matched that 66 number and picked up exactly $66 from his tie for Super Low Gross and a Low Putts runner-up tie plus a sizeable 1+1/2 Blind Birdie shares including an EAGLE deuce on the Par 4, Hole #18! Member Qualifier Kevin Boyce fired a dazzling One-Under-Par 65 that included birdies on each of the final 4 holes while posting his 4th of 5 required Qualifying Rounds to walk off with $38 in Designated Birdie booty. Amazingly Tom Knickerbocker matched Brian's Eagle on Hole #18 and added a Partners 1st Place and tie for 2nd Low Putts to his resume to pocket $31. A even Thirty Bucks rewarded Bill Lewis for taking 1st Place in both Low Net and Partners. Tony Giapapas won the Porter Low Gross by some 4 shots along with a tie for Low Putts runner-up and a 3rd Partners to pickup $25. A pair of $8 sums acknowledged Bob Stone as the Porter Gross runner-up and Mike Belson as 3rd Low Net. The Partners 2nd Place spot sent $6 to Mark Vaughan while 3rd Partners paid $4 to Jeff Sable and Marilou Miller's tie for 2nd Low Putts was worth $3.
OLIVAS LINKS G.C. - 10/21/2021Brian Oblak posted a slick 77 Gross to win the Super Low Gross award and 1+1/2 shares of the Birdie Booty for $61 top dollar. Jim Sabbe won the Porter Low Gross along with a pair of 1st Place ties in Low Net & Partners to pocket an even $40. Playing his final Qualifying Round, our newest member, Kevin Boyce, collected $38 for a solo Designated Birdie while Tom Knickerbocker got $36 for his solo Blind Draw tweeter. A pair of $22 payouts acknowledged Joe Cala's tie for 1st Place in both Low Net & Partners and Member Qualifier Dave Bertelsen as the Low Putts winner. A half-share of a Designated Birdie paid out $19 to Tom Abraham. Craig Fehrman accepted $12 as the Low Putts runner-up while Ten Bucks for the Porter Low Gross runner-up spot went to Tony Giapapas. Their tie for Partners 1st Place paid $7 each to the team of Marilou Miller & Bob Stone and Low Net 3rd gave $6 to Bill Lewis. The 3rd Place Partners pairing of Jimmy Dodds and Dawn Sacco was worth only $3 apiece while Ron Troncatty realized just Two Bucks as runner-up in the 2-man short field race for Super Low Gross.
BUENAVENTURA G.C. - 10/28/2021: As we approached the upcoming empty-bun "Hollow Wiener" holiday, trick-or-treater Ron Troncatty absconded with $137 big ones after posting a terrific 2-over-par 72. He won Super Low Gross by a single stroke, tied for 2nd Low Net, took runner-up in Low Putts, plus 2+1/2 shares from the Blind Draw & Designated Birdie pots. Jeff Sable's scary 63 Low Net easily won that category by 4 shots that also led to ties for both Partners 1st & Porter Gross 2nd plus a 1/2 share of Birdie Booty and a $55 payout. Welcome to our newest member, Kevin Boyce, who pocketed $47 for a solo birdie and a tie for Partners 1st Place. The day's Low Putts award was dramatically captured by Jim Sabbe's stingy 24 strokes and enhanced by his tie for Partners 1st Place that yielded a number matching $24 payout. An even Twenty Bucks found Mark Vaughan tied for 2nds in both Porter Low Gross & Low Net with a Partners 3rd tacked on. Winner of the Porter Low Gross competition and $18 was Tony Giapapas. A pair of $9 sums saluted Burman DeShautelle as the Super Gross runner-up and Tom Knickerbocker tied for Partners 1st Place. Whoops, almost ran out of ink with those names, but saved when Joe Cala showed up in the $4 paying Partners 3rd Place pairing.
We've had some new members join us this year, the latest is Kevin Boyce introduced by Marilou Miller.
Kevin Boyce
Mr. Boyce
Born in Santa Monica he grew up in Mar Vista and at 17 went to work in the Staff Shop at Disney where they design, sculpt and make models of new attractions for parks around the world. He became Manager of that unit until it was phased out in 2008. He immediately joined the same shop at Warner Bros where he became Mgr. of that group also. He remained at Warner's until this year, when he retired to devote his life to golf. He was introduced to the game by our old friend and former member Frank Fassnacht who talked him into learning the game in order to join the Disney Golf Club. He's been as low as a zero handicap, and joins us with a 2.4 index. We expect some changes forthcoming on our Back Tees Leaderboard. Currently single, Kevin and fiancee' Catherine plan to change that in the coming months -- It took a while to convince Tony Giapapas to retire from the melon business so he could be free on Thursdays, but Brian and Paul got it done, and Tony has been shaking things up in our Porter Gross and Birdie Pots. Born in Glen Falls, N.Y. Tony followed his engineer father when he was transferred to California. He attended Cal State U. Dominguez Hills where he played volleyball, not trying golf until his mid 20s. He has been married to Patricia for 40 years with three kiddos. --Welcome our third new member, introduced by Brian Oblak. Dawn Sacco, a native of Antico Wisconsin up in the northern section of the state. Just days after graduation from high School she migrated to Redondo Beach where she went to work at the civil court, moved into property management, then moved back to Wisconsin and then Utah, working in resort sales. Dawn finally ended her nomadic lifestyle and moved back to Socal in 1987 going to work in auto and RV finance. Dawn has three grown children and one grandkid. She lives in Oxnard, retired in 2017 and is an avid hold 'em player. -- Bi-coastal Bill Lewis leaves us this week, jetting to the Villages in central Florida, to open his new house in that huge golf community. He plans to return in January in spite of their $1.50 Happy Hour bonanza.
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